The Following Article Provides A Fair Comparison Between The Two Problems, Along With The...

In this case you'll experience blurred vision in one eye only. This infection is also accompanied by swelling and pus, thereby causing the formation of a painful red lump at the edge of the eyelid. Many dogs have cataracts and that may lead to clouding of the lens and the dog may turn blind over time. After 15 minutes or so, you will find some relief. Our eyes are very delicate organs and must therefore be treated with utmost care. The following article provides a fair comparison between the two problems, along with the... Patient may also experience blurred vision. Since prednisone is an immunosuppressant, there's an increased risk of the dog developing recurring infections.

This condition is also known as hordeolum. Due to this pull or push of the iris, the angle gets closed. This could give rise to blindness. The sinuses are hollow activities located in the skull.